Dolphins, monkeys… and ONE sunset!

When we fill in our little round-up questionnaire about a country, we are usually far away from it, already experiencing lots of new things at a different destination. Nevertheless, in our minds, we enjoy traveling back to the places we visited and memories we made. All the more, when we find ourselves in a difficult situation: We relived our days in Bali lying in a crappy, gross and greasy camper (more about that nightmare at a later point) in Tasmania’s capital Hobart. Dreaming about our beautiful stay on the Indonesian island helped us get through the night. And the next morning, our situation changed for the better. Continue reading

Our Ubud experience

I asked John, Sophie and Lilly to give me one word each, that – in their eyes – describes Ubud best. John came up with “arty”, Sophie with “busy” and Lilly noticed that “there were lots of shops with pretty things around”. And “touristy” comes to mind, when I think of the cultural center of Bali. After the quiet days in the North of the island with seeing hardly any travellers, it was even more striking that Ubud is attracting lots of tourists from all over the world. We all felt a bit overwhelmed by the tourists’ influx at the start, but quickly adapted to our new surroundings and started to appreciate Ubud’s bustling vibe with its varied attractions and cultural scene. Continue reading

Little things make the difference

Quite regularly, we get asked how detailed we planned our trip before leaving. The answer is: Not very detailed at all. We chose the destinations and booked the flights – that’s about it. The rest we are organising en route, and even that quite rudimentary. We normally pick certain things that we would like to do or see in certain areas… all the rest spontaneously falls into place – and usually adds a big bonus to our journey, as seen on our detour to the North of Bali. Continue reading

That’s why we fell for Perancak

In Bali, originally, we planned to travel up North via the East coast. But following the eruption and continued danger from Mt Agung, we thought it to be wiser to take a more westerly route. Some pictures of traditional, lavishly decorated fishing boats made us book a place in rural Perancak. To be honest with you, when we arrived in the quiet fishing village, I didn’t expect to dedicate a whole blog post to our four nights in this area. But we had such a wonderful time here that we all agreed: Our time in Perancak deserves a blog entry on its own. Et voilà. Continue reading

The Bali Warm-Up

We came to Bali to see – respectively do – two things: We were hoping to see the lush green rice fields and to try YOGA. Both points we managed to tick off within the first week here. Moving on early in that case? Oh no. Our hunger for Bali was far from being satisfied. Our first few days on the Indonesian island only made it bigger. Continue reading

Kuala Lumpur and Borneo through our kids’ eyes

Due to multiple circumstances the girls have taken less pictures in Malaysia. Sometimes, the cameras were on strike (flat batteries or full memory cards). Sometimes, we were not willing to pay the camera fees for more than one camera. And sometimes, they simply didn’t feel like taking pictures. But the ones they took, turned out just great and give our trip to Malaysia a new perspective. Continue reading

“Tour de Borneo” – the final stage

The last stage of our tour through Borneo was to get back from the Kinabatangan River over the hills to Kota Kinabalu. As we didn’t want to risk another crazy eight hours ride, we split the journey in two. We stopped overnight in Kundasang, a mountain village very close to the Mt Kinabalu national park. The feeling up there was completely different to what we had experienced so far in Borneo: Enjoyable temperatures, views of a proper mountain peak and even some green meadows with Friesian cows grazing . Real signs of swissness! Continue reading

The wild side of Sabah

After a rather urban eleven days in Kota Kinabalu, it was high time to go and explore Sabah’s praised wildlife. Sightings of monkeys, snakes, sun bears, crocodiles, pygmy elephants, birds galore and of course a chance to meet the old man of the forest were all possible here. Which ones would we get to see? Continue reading

Our tropical Christmas in Kota Kinabalu

Whenever I imagined a tropical Christmas, I had this – oh so romantic – vision of celebrating on a white, sandy beach under palm trees with our toes dipped into the salty sea water. Reality though was somewhat different. The fact that we celebrated in Kota Kinabalu (KK) – in hot and humid conditions – was pretty much the only tropical element to our Christmas festivities. But tropical or not, our Christmas turned out to be lovely. Far from the norm, but lovely: Continue reading