Zigzagging through Oregon

Concerning our Oregon itinerary, we were brutally unprepared. When we crossed the state border, the only fixed point on the map was Crater Lake National Park. So, that’s where we started our Oregon adventure. Everything that came after that, we pretty much figured out on the go. As a result, we ended up zigzagging our way northward through Oregon. And what a zigzag it was! See for yourself what gems we found. Continue reading

Grandiose California

The dictionary defines the word “grandiose” as follows: “Grand in an imposing or impressive way.” A perfect description for many of our California adventures and experiences. And here’s why… Continue reading

A journey of two halves

I am writing this blog post about our four weeks on the Northern Island of New Zealand (NZ) for the second time. It was completely finished, but I couldn’t bring myself to publish it. Something was missing. And discussing it now – quite a while after leaving the country -, sitting around the table in our camper on the island of San Juan (USA), it is quite clear what the missing part was: Brutal honesty. The truth is: We flatlined. Continue reading

A trip down memory lane

Coming back to the South Island of New Zealand was a real trip down memory lane for John and I. Ten years ago we arrived here separately to explore. In Motueka, our paths crossed on the balcony of a backpacker’s, over a pasta dish I agreed to join John on a two day hike with an overnight stay in a rock shelter… and the rest is history. Playing such an important role in our lives, New Zealand had a place in our hearts ever since. Therefore, it was clear for us – right from the start of planing this big trip – to travel again to the other side of the world, but this time as husband and wife with two kids in tow. Continue reading

A special school day

Our last three days in Tasmania, we were invited to stay with a family that we had met in the Borneon jungle about two months earlier. It was wonderful to go and see some friends we had actually made on this trip and spend some easy, quality time with them in their beautiful home in the South of Tasmania. And not only that! There was an exciting adventure waiting for our daughters Sophie (9) and Lilly (7): They were allowed to join their new found friends Mify and Lochlan for a day at school in Cygnat. And because John and I enjoyed a lunch date in the meantime, Sophie will take over the blog from here on to report about hers and Lilly’s special school day in Tasmania. Continue reading

The Tasmanian Turbo Tour

Whenever we mentioned to Australians on the main land that we were going to spend three weeks in Tasmania, they usually looked at us in surprise, followed by the question: “What on earth will you do in Tasmania for three weeks?” At the time, we didn’t really know how to react. But now, we could confidently answer: “There’s so much to do and see in Tasmania. Three weeks are actually not long enough!” Continue reading

Our Black Friday

Our first two days in Tasmania were promising. We were spoilt with pristine weather and a comfortable, homely cottage to stay in. But then came Friday. The weather turned bad and the accommodation to even worse: Our hired high top camper entered the scene. Continue reading

G’day from Australia! – or: The reverse cultural shock

When coming to mainland Australia, we had three major attractions to look forward to: Catching up with an old school friend, cruising on the Great Ocean Road and tramping in the Grampians. But first, we had to get over our initial cultural shock. After four month traveling in Asia, we seemed to have forgotten about the things most familiar to us. The prices for pretty much everything seemed to be ridiculously high and the roads exceptionally quiet and organised. Initially, we were honestly missing the charming chaos and craziness which Asia offers. But not for too long. Continue reading

Dolphins, monkeys… and ONE sunset!

When we fill in our little round-up questionnaire about a country, we are usually far away from it, already experiencing lots of new things at a different destination. Nevertheless, in our minds, we enjoy traveling back to the places we visited and memories we made. All the more, when we find ourselves in a difficult situation: We relived our days in Bali lying in a crappy, gross and greasy camper (more about that nightmare at a later point) in Tasmania’s capital Hobart. Dreaming about our beautiful stay on the Indonesian island helped us get through the night. And the next morning, our situation changed for the better. Continue reading