is online

only house_lucieFinally! is online. It feels like it took me forever to get this blog up and running. All the more fortunate I am feeling now for seeing it live. Just before Christmas. I am probably as excited about this as our kids are about the coming up Christmas festivities.

A big “thank you” goes to our lovely friend Lucie Conoley who contributed the hand-drawn houses. As you can guess, the blue house is ours, the Blueberry House. Standing in between our neighbours houses. I contacted Lucie with this idea of a logo last summer and was so happy when she said that she was up for drawing the houses for us. We are big fans of her work! Check out her website: The Most Important Places. Brilliant idea. Brilliantly executed. And so perfect for showing our house. Because this is by far the most important place for me right now.

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