Time to make plans for the garden!

Finally, Switzerland has turned into a winter wonderland. Everything is white. Probably not for long, but let’s enjoy the winter landscape as long as we can… and make the most of it by skiing, sledging, building snowmen – and planing the garden season! One thing that has been on our “to do”-list for a long time is our garden shed plus a shed for all our bikes. While we were building the house, we honestly underestimated the space we need outside our living space to store all sorts of things. Like bikes. Tools. Skis. Winter tyres. More tools… So what happened with all that stuff? Simple: We filled one of our garages with it. That had not been the idea, but was the only option. Now, to get our garage back for the purpose it was built for, we need to create some extra storage space. And seeing that our garden is quite spacious, we quickly decided we will achieve it by building a garden shed on one side of the house and a bike shed on the other side of the house. At the beginning of year 2015 is was high up on our priority list to get that project done. And we started very well, I must say. We checked out lots of garden sheds on the internet, even visited some fairs to get some ideas. Got some quotes in and almost fainted. OMG! – all that money for a garden SHED! And most of all, struggled to find a design and material that we really liked. Motivation levels dropped, focus was lost. A year went by… no garden shed was being built.

New year, new resolutions, new projects, new energy – ready for the garden shed challenge? Yes, we are! First step: Finding a design and material that we like – this time without giving up on it. We have probably seen most of the garden sheds existing in the world wide web;-) Here are a few designs we come back to again and again. With comments about their plus points from our point of view.garden shed ideas_with comments.jpgLots of lovely ideas! But this one turned into our favourite: Cosy sitting area, simple design, clear lines, green roof… Spotted on Victoria Wade Landscapes. You can expect our own take on this version standing in our garden (hopefully) soon. We’ll keep you posted.

garden shed RHS-Cardiff

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