Let’s paper mache!

Last night we were sitting on the sofa watching an episode of “House of Cards” starring Kevin Spacey. I was totally relaxed – at least until John started tearing some old newspaper editions into small pieces, creating a noise that drowned Kevin Spacey’s voice completely. John was on a mission. Precisely: On a paper mache mission.

Paper Mache_Step 1
The girls joining in earlier on.

I couldn’t help asking…

N: Why paper mache?
J: I was looking for a book for you for Christmas and came across this idea. I was tempted to try it. Plus, I like the idea to use a throw-away material to create something new.
N: What will your first project be?

Cloud_toilet paper shelf
Cloud – Toilet Roll Shelf / Source: Lyon Béton

J: You showed me the image of that cloud-shaped shelf for toilet rolls made of concrete. I thought I could make that out of paper.
N: Cool. I won’t say “no” to that. What else?
J: I want to make a lamp shade. Probably for our wintergarden.

(Another great idea seeing that we are still short on lamps in my blueberry house.)

N: Can I make a request, too?
J: (Long pause) Of course. What shall I paper mache for you?
N: I would like you to make a plant container which will hide the kitchen tap – and look like a little garden in the kitchen.
J: Fine. But, first things first. Toilet roll shelf.

… and the focus goes back to tearing some newspaper.

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