Welcome to Fairy Land

Our “little” girl Sophie, who will turn seven in March, announced last weekend the requested theme for her birthday party: She would love to host a fairy party. Okay, the party challenge is set, let’s think fairies then.

First step: Get a blank paper and brainstorm! Not this time. Being hooked on my handlettering challenge, I took a white paper, yes, didn’t brainstorm though. Instead, I tried to improve my swings and swirls – and attach some ornaments to my letters to make them look a bit more romantic and dreamy. Swings, swirls and ornaments: not an easy process for me at all. My clever handlettering book gives me the advice to make even and natural movements by keeping my arm in constant movement. And not to leave my hand statically on the desk. Easier said than done. But as we all know, practice makes perfect. So I outlined the word “Fairy” (the letter F I find especially difficult, by the way), made some changes here and there, until I was happy with the overall look of it. And then I followed those lines again and again with a pencil, in the most even and natural way possible, to get used to the right flow. fairyland_2And I must say, I was pretty happy about the end result. So happy that I even considered to integrate this practice piece into my daughter’s birthday celebration somehow. Invitation? Welcome sign? Maybe. So, I added the words “WELCOME to” and “LAND” in basic sans serif letters. As the whole thing was still in pencil and looked quite messy, I traced the lines by holding the paper against the window and started the “follow the line” exercise again. This time with one of Lilly’s blue metallic coloured pencil. Even though these pencils are quite soft and need sharpening often to get a clean line, I really love them. Having that done, I searched the house for some fairy dust – in the form of silver glitter powder – to sprinkle it all over the paper and make it glow. Welcome to Fairy Land!fairyland_1

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