Colourful Easter eggs

At the moment, our girls spend hours and hours drawing and colouring in. Usually, they come up with an idea about what to draw themselves. Sometimes though, they count on mummy’s idea delivery service. Like the other day… Being in the run-up to Easter, my suggestion was quite obvious: How about colouring in an Easter egg? They liked the sound of that. So I sat down with an A3 paper and a black pen, made one oval shaped circle and started to fill that circle with lots of patterns. Dots, wavy lines, bunny rabbits, cloud shapes, triangles. I did not worry about perfect lines, I just tried to get as many designs in as possible. Sophie, our older daughter, stopped me after a while and wanted to finish hers on her own. With more dots, wavy lines, bunny rabbits, cloud shapes and triangles. The end result looked like an exciting Easter egg that definitely lacked colour though. To change that to the better, was the kids’ job. They surrounded themselves with colouring pencils and felt pens. And were busy for a pretty long time…


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