A touch of yellow

To decorate the house, I usually love white and earthy colours. And blue, of course. Interestingly, I all of a sudden feel like introducing some brighter tones as well. Especially in our living room which could do with a touch of yellow, I guess. My first project towards that goal is to create some pictures for the walls. And seen the fact that I am always short of time and that I like simple but effective ideas, I came up with the following.

All I needed to buy was a pack of small yellow dot stickers. All the other needed material I had in #myblueberryhouse. Here’s what I used for my modest piece of art:


And that’s how it’s done:

  1. Measure the size of your picture frame.
  2. Outline the measured size onto a white (or colourful) paper.
  3. And now start creating a pattern with the stickers. I tried two things: For the first piece I measured out exact gaps between the dots. For the second piece I went more random, with less dots at the top and more at the bottom. I would have loved the kids to do one piece as well, because I love their idea of random which is really random. But they were too busy playing outside in the sun. They will get the chance to impress me with their randomness for an office-wall-piece in black and white.
  4. When you are happy with what you see, cut the paper in order to fit your picture frame or photo mount.
  5. Put the picture frame back together, et voilà! Your piece of art is done. And that’s how my pieces look like:


You wonder what happened with the masking tape? Rightly so. I didn’t use it the way I wanted to. I intended to make one piece just with stripes of masking tape crossing the picture. From left to right and from bottom to top. But Lilly, our daughter, gave me an other idea, just by typing some letters on the computer this morning. And that’s the output of it:


To make the picture personal, I repeated the letters of our “names” (Lilly, Sophie, Mum & Dad) again and again. The whole page long, apart from a 2cm stripe. I printed the page and filled the part that was still white with one stripe of yellow masking tape. Then I cut the paper to size, put the frame back together and finished it was, the third piece of art to go on the living room wall.

Very simple, very quick, very cheap – and do you know what I like best about it? You can do it in almost any imaginable colour.

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