The simplest paper cone ever

Lilly (5) was off school this afternoon and preparing for one of her famous shows. If you have kids yourself, you know exactly what I am talking about;-) The stage was set (our sofa), the audience was set (lots of teddies built up in front of the telly – no screen to be seen anymore), tickets were ready… but one major thing was still missing. “Mummy, mummy, I need some paper cones for the show’s pause snack!” And of course, my daughter had a specific paper cone in mind. It had to be made of a colourful paper. And by colourful I mean colourful. Not just plain red. Or plain yellow. Or plain green. Preferably all colours united on one paper. A type of paper that is not available in our household. So I had to think. And find a different solution that would please her. I handed her one of MY magazines and Lilly was allowed to choose some of its pages that she liked.

Lilly choosing the pages from my magazine for her paper cones.

I ripped them out, rolled them into a cone, stuck them with some sellotape – done! One very happy girl was beaming with joy, started to fill the cones with cashew nuts (her favourites – obviously you could fill the cones with whatever tickles your fancy) and sold them to the teddies sitting in the audience. And to me.

The end result: Paper cones made of magazine pages.

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