Yellow Necklace for the Wall

I am still on my “add some colour” mission – in this particular case on my “add some yellow to the living room” mission. And as Lilly was home this afternoon and looking for a handicraft project, I gave her something to do, with the living room in mind. All she needed was

  • a brush
  • some yellow paint
  • some styrofoam (or wooden) balls
  • some smaller wooden balls
  • some newspaper or baking paper for the painted balls to dry on (I prefer baking paper  because the wet paint does not stick as much on it as it does on newspaper)

And I needed a needle and some thread to finish the project.

Lilly just had to paint the bigger, styrofoam balls with the yellow paint. That kept her interested and occupied for quite a while.

Kugeli_Daylight copy
Unpainted & painted styrofoam balls. And needle & thread ready to be used…

After the balls had dried, I put them on a thread, alternating with the smaller wooden balls. Done! Hang them up and enjoy the sight. At least as long as you can… Mine lasted about five minutes. I literally managed to take a picture and then – tock, tock, tock. All the balls found themselves spread all over the living room floor. My fault. I did not fix the “necklace” properly. Gladly, the whole thing is so easy to make. The problem was fixed within another five minutes. And now, this sight should stay – at least for a while:living room_soft daylight

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