Multifunctional Cups

John and I got married on the 31st of October 2009, a stunning autumn’s day in Switzerland. We were so lucky with the weather! Because that time of the year, it often rains – or even snows! – especially in the mountains where we had our ceremony and the outdoor after-ceremony get together for friends and family. The outdoor aspect was a gamble (of course we had a plan B in case of bad conditions) but it payed off. It was cold, I don’t deny that. But for the chilliness we were prepared. At least when it comes to the food we served. A big pot full of tasty pumpkin soup was waiting for us. Served in OUR cups. Here we go, the cups! Long story short: We needed soup bowls for our wedding – that was how our multifunctional cups were born.

Evening ambiance on our wedding day. Photo: Béatrice Bühlmann
Evening ambiance on our wedding day. Photo: Béatrice Bühlmann

Before the wedding, we signed 240 IKEA cups with a special white porcelain pen. After a 24 hour rest, we fired them in the oven. Next step looked like a mass production. We made a “collar” for each cup out of foam rubber – first cut out the shape then zigzagged it together – so that our guests would not burn their fingers. And then literally served the soup in it. It worked very well and gave the reception a personal touch.

Our personalised cups wearing a foam rubber collar.

We told the guests, if interested, they can have the cups cleaned and take them home. Quite a few followed that offer, but we still ended up with about 40 personalised cups in our kitchen cupboard. First, we thought “what do we need so many cups in our cupboard for?” But I have to say, they turned out to be very useful and I am still happy to have them in #myblueberryhouse. And with the years, they have been used for so many different purposes. Let me show you a few:

Sherry trifle Isle of Man style served in our cups, pimped up with some doilies.
Cappuccino Cups – of course!
flower_soft daylight v2
Handy vase if short of vases or short stalks.
pens_soft daylight_new
Organising pens and colouring pencils.
straw_soft daylight
Let’s have a children’s party!

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