Fairy Party: The Invitation

More than a month ago (time flies!) I wrote about Sophie’s request regarding the theme of her 7th birthday party (Welcome to Fairyland). At the time, the party seemed to be so far away. But all of a sudden it’s high time that we got everything ready: The party will take place next week! Things are not really organised yet. I got some ideas floating around in my head, but the bigger picture is still missing. Good, that I am used to that last minute scenario. And even better that I kind of like “last minute”. Somehow I probably need the pressure to get my creative brain going and come up with some ideas.

One thing, though, that is done, are the invitations. I am not a graphic designer at all, but I thoroughly enjoy playing around with the Adobe programmes Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign. And that’s what I did today. I was looking for some fairy silhouettes on the web and found some cute ones on creativemarket.com for a reasonable price. And as the fairies were all saved as vector graphics, I managed to customise them a bit. Sophie’s favourite colour – like mine – is blue. So I swapped all the pink tones into blue ones. As fonts I chose my preferred ones: Bebas Neue and Angelova Monoline (that’s the font I uses for the #myblueberryhouse logo as well). And as the invitation was supposed to be printed on blue paper – another specific request from Sophie;-) – but there was no blue paper to be found in #myblueberryhouse, I downloaded some watercolour texture for the background. And there you are, that’s how the result looks like (and seen that we live in Switzerland, the text is in German)

How the party went and turned out in the end, I will tell you about within the next few weeks…

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