Six fairy party ideas

The (fairy) party for our daughter’s seventh birthday is over! It looked like the seven little fairies flying through #myblueberryhouse yesterday, had a lot of fun. And that’s how we managed to make the fairies happy…

1. Welcome to Fairyland
Last Saturday, John and Sophie transformed our guest room into a magical fairyland. They constructed a proper tent with wooden beams, the spare bed plus its mattress,  lots of white material and duvets. In the end, we decorated the tent with fairy lights and pink butterflies. Very girlie:-) To get into the tent, the kids had to crawl through a tunnel of more white material and veiled balloons. I instantly fell in love with fairyland. And so did the small guests. Fairyland was an absolute winner at the party! The kids played in there for most of the time. And some of them even wanted to stay overnight… I don’t know if we will ever get our guest room back. Or from now on, that’s probably the place where our guests will sleep – in fairyland.

tent_soft daylight v2
Welcome to fairyland!

2. Suitable “table cloth”
If you don’t have a table cloth that is very “fairyish”, keep an eye out for a wrapping paper that goes with your theme (our colour theme was definitely set with the invitation). We found a perfect one in IKEA – with the right motifs & colours, but also pretty tear-resistant – and used it as a table runner. It looked lovely and protected our wooden table from food, pen lines and sticky, glittery fairy dust.

table decoration
Wrapping paper used as table runner and “fairy in a jar” – a decoration and crafts idea.

3. Fairy in a jar: Decoration & Craft idea
Talking about fairy table decorations, here’s an idea: Collect some empty jars – or if there’s not enough time to collect them, buy some suitable ones – we found ours in IKEA. That was easy. It was a bit more difficult though, to find some little fairies that fit into the jar. We found ours in a fairtrade shop after a pretty long search. I am sure it would be pretty easy to order them online – but we ran out of time. We glued the fairies with some hot-setting glue into the jars and placed one jar next to each guest’s plate. Make sure that the glue does work in water… at least if you fancy trying this craft with the kids:

Have some colourful glitter ready for the kids to sprinkle into the jar. It doesn’t take much glitter to get a magical effect. Fill the jar with water and close the lid very tightly. Though the jars we used were perfect for size, we noticed that they are not a hundred percent water tight. When the kids shook the jars, some drops found a way out… Next time, we would most probably use preserving jars.

4. Veiled balloons
A simple way to decorate the room: Veil some balloons (colours matching to your colour theme) with net lace and put a white ribbon around it. Warning: Don’t underestimate the amount of material you need for that. We used quite a lot anyway…balloons_soft daylight

5. Fairy dust as give-away
Every real fairy carries some fairy dust with her. This assumption lead us to another simple and quick craft idea. We have got lots of empty, tiny bottles (from our homoeopathic medicine) in our kitchen cupboard. We kept them for no specific reason – but we have always thought that we could certainly use them one day. And now we finally did. Each girl was allowed to choose her favourite glitter powder. I filled the mini bottles with the powder, closed them really well and had the girls make a cord with some yarn of their choice. I helped them to tie the “bottle” to the cord, tied the ends of the cord together and finished it was, our fairy dust give-away.

fairy dust
Fairy dust necklace.

6. Fairy cake
Of course! No party without a cake. And that’s my idea of a fairy cake. Far from perfect, but made with love. cake_daylight

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