Our four favourite sketchbooks

Our girls love to draw and colour in. Lilly (5) even dreams of being an artist one day. How lovely! I have never attempted to be an artist and do not consider myself as a very talented illustrator, but I must say that I enjoy joining them, especially when sketchbooks are involved. What I really love about them is that the kids’ sketchbooks work for adults as well – and vice versa.

Whenever I have been drawing with the girls – or the same things as the girls – they instantly started comparing their drawings with mine. “Mummy, yours looks much better than mine!” is what I often used to hear. When I did so, it was very important to explain to the girls that everybody had got its own style. And every single picture was beautiful in its own way. And it seemed to work… They are really complementary with each other, with me – and even with themselves. And that makes the whole sketching sessions much more fun.

And here are our favourite sketchbooks that we currently use for our sketching sessions:

1. Make ART Mistakes by the Museum of Modern ArtMake Art Mistakes

I can only confirm what it says on the back of this sketchbook: With eye-catching interiors and playful activities, this open-ended sketchbook encourages would-be artists of all ages to look at the world around them and take chances expressing what they see. Inspiring and colourful graphic design will unleash the artist in anyone. 

Apart from that, I especially love the quotes you will find throughout the book, like:
Don’t worry about mistakes. Making things out of mistakes, that’s creativity. (Peter Max)

2. Let’s Draw! by Parragon Books Ltd.lets draw _ cover

Again, I can recite what is written on the back of the book: Let’s Draw will show you the fun of drawing and doodling – no drawing skills required! Tailor made illustrations will start you off but there’s also space to draw without guidance. You’ll find lots to draw, doodle and create in this imaginative collection of ideas. Helps to boost your creativity, imagination and personal style. 

Here’s an example of how the inside looks like – when the doodling is done.

lets draw _ robot
Robot completed by Sophie.

3. Doodle and Draw Spots, Stripes and Squiggles by Parragon Books Ltd.doodle and draw _ cover

This one is probably my favourite amongst our favourite sketchbooks because it is focusing on patterns. And I am a big fan of patterns.

The following example shows how Lilly dressed those six little girls:

doodle and draw _ inside
Six girls in pretty dresses.

4. Flow Sketchbookflow sketchbook

We literally found the Flow Sketchbook in our letterbox yesterday. And today we are already hooked. This is actually a sketchbook for adults, filled with step-by-step drawing lessons form Flow illustrators, but this morning the girls had so much fun drawing some plants, a watering can, a wooden house, a bird, a bowl of fruit… that I call it a sketchbook for the whole family. We cannot wait to draw the grandmother’s teacup, the retro lamp or the camper van!sketch_1

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