The blue jeans upholstering project

This is a project I wanted to write about for quite a while… but somehow I never got round to it: Our blue jeans patchwork upholstering project. 

The wooden table, bench and chairs that are standing in our dining room are actually not ours. The furniture belong to my brother, handmade by himself. But when he moved house a few years ago, there was no room for the lot in the new place. So he asked us if we would look after his table & Co. until he wants the pieces back (that will probably never happen). At the time, we did not have a nice, big table and we didn’t have the money to spend on one, so we said “yes” with pleasure. And the table moved into the #myblueberryhouse with us.

About a year ago, a little “accident” (I let you and your imagination speculate about what happened;-)) occured on the upholstered bench. As a result, we had to change the material. We had the choice between spending loads of money for a perfect job done by a professional or being creative and finding a way to upholster the bench and chairs ourselves. We went for the second option – no surprise there. As at the time quite a lot of pairs of blue jeans were lying in the laundry waiting to be patched, an idea came to mind: Why mending them if we can use them for upholstering our dining room furniture? And that’s how it started, the blue jeans upholstering project.

It took me forever to take the jeans apart. It felt like I opened up every single stitch. Did you know that there’s a lot of material hidden in the seams? I was amazed! It would have been a real waste to just cut the seams off. I definitely gained three to five centimeters of material per seam. And it was perfect to use those extra bits for the seams of the patchwork.

When I had some loose pieces of denim jeans, I started putting and sewing them back together. Another process that felt like an eternity. And during the whole process, I kept asking myself if the final result would work at all. I felt sceptical.

Denim jeans patchwork

When the patchwork piece was big enough to cover the seat, we tackered it on. Et voilà! A transformed bench and chairs were standing in our dining room. I am still not 100% convinced about the design, but one thing I know for sure: It is great that our bench and chairs now tell stories. Lots of stories. We did not just use my husband’s and my old jeans. We used the ones from the girls as well. Their first pairs of blue jeans. The pairs that they ruined crawling for miles. The jeans they had always looked so cute in… And we incorporated my mum’s jeans. One of the little things that help us remember her every single day.

The final result.
The upholstered stool.


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