Crocheting Challenge: Complete!

Did it really take me five months to complete my “crocheting a blanket” challenge??? It doesn’t feel like it, but it must have. Because five months ago I wrote about my latest addiction (at the time) and my new, time-consuming, evening-filling hobby: Crocheting (the entry I am talking about you will find here). And it was only on Wednesday night, that I ran out of yarn. Which meant that my project was completed, whether or not I wanted it to be. How happy I am with the result, you wonder? Well, I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Seen that I was a very unexperienced crocheter and that I made up my own “pattern”, the blanket turned out really satisfactory. There’s one slight let-down: The blanket is not big enough. It is fine for Sophie and Lilly to cuddle up underneath it, but it’s nowhere big enough to cover the whole family. And that was the plan. The thing is that I used up pretty old yarn that I bought ages ago. Back then, I planned on knitting a jumper for myself. But it never happened. So the yarn was stored in my parents’ house attic and forgotten about… until our ways crossed again last winter. I thought to rather use it than throw it away and started crocheting. And I also thought that ten balls of yarn would be more than enough to make a blanket. A big blanket! I was mistaken. I tried to buy more of the same yarn, but no chance. Producer long gone! Next time I will stock up on twice as many balls of yarn. Yes, you heard properly: There will be a next time, a next blanket. I am hooked. Crocheting is not only very relaxing, it makes “watching” telly worthwhile;-)

I wonder who these four little, quite dirty;-) feet belong to…

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