Autumn has moved in.

Last Monday, I spent a lovely day with the girls in the forest. We collected bags full of little treasures such as moss, nuts, branches, acorns and colourful leaves and brought them back to #myblueberryhouse. And with the little treasures, autumn moved in: We started turning them into autumnal decorations for the house. So far, we have managed to make a simple decor for the living room. Have a look!

Little treasures from the woods.
Autumnal decoration part one – from above.
Autumn has moved into the living room.
An autumnal shelfie.


One thought on “Autumn has moved in.

  1. Schön die Dekorationen. Ich werde sie ja wohl sehen, wenn ich nach Hause komme. Es kommt mir in den Sinn, dass ich mit Sophie und Lilly vor einem Jahr im Wald war, um Material zur Renovation der Weihnachtskrippe von Grosi Frieda zu sammeln. Hends gued. Grossdädi Andy


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