Our crazy plans.

I can’t properly believe that we are doing this. But yes, we are! In about ten months we will pack our bags and children and leave #myblueberryhouse for “quite a while”. It looks like we will be gone for almost a year – to discover the world and spend some quality family time together. How exciting is this! And how scary at the same time. Never mind. We are doing it. And I can’t wait.

When John picked up the subject of going traveling for months earlier on this year, I instantly found lots of excuses why we should not do it. Excuse No. 1: “We can’t just take the girls out of school for a year!” (oh yes, we can.) Excuse No. 2: “I have just started a new job that I enjoy. I can’t resign already!” (oh yes, you can.) Excuse No. 3: “I love our house – who will look after it?” (somebody will.) “I love it here, with family and friends around – why should we leave?”… and still, deep down, I felt that something radical like this trip around the world is right for us. As it was right for me when I packed my backpack in 2007, a trip around the world ticket in my pocket, and left. The big difference to 2007: This time I will be able to share all my wonderful, difficult, happy, sad, amazing, frustrating… experiences with my husband and our girls. So, after thinking about it more seriously, the idea became more and more realistic for me. Inside of me the “now or never”-feeling took over. I agreed on THE trip – and I am still very happy about the decision we took (apart from those few moments I get cold feet).

So here we go: Planning our trip around the world. Reading blogs. Checking out brochures. Evaluating ways of traveling and options of accommodation. The itinerary is pretty set already. In England (Cornwall for sure!), on the Isle of Man and in Scotland we will be road-tripping and visiting some of John’s family and friends. In October, we’ll head to Oman to experience the Arabic culture and spend at least one night in the desert. Sri Lanka next. To meet the elephants and pick tea leaves. Then two, three months of Indonesia – where exactly, we don’t know yet. In Australia we’ll definitely stop to spot some kangaroos and koala bears, before flying over to New Zealand. An absolute MUST on this journey. We want to show the girls where it all started, where mummy & daddy met ten years earlier, then fell in love. We want to do the hike that brought John and myself together – and of course sleep underneath the most romantic rock shelter in the whole wide world. We’ll carry on via the South Pacific to the U.S. west coast and travel up north to Canada. Maybe we’ll even go and look for some bears in Alaska. One thing is certain: The year will pass quickly. Probably far too quickly for our liking.

As I said before, our girls – 5 & 7 years old – are going to school at the moment. So, what are we going to do about that? Well, they must accept mummy & daddy as teachers for a while. I have to say that they are pretty excited about the idea and they cannot wait for their first school lesson on the beach. The only thing they are really worried about is the fact that we cannot bring the bell from school that indicates the breaks in between lessons. I am confident that we’ll find a solution for that. John and I, we are very lucky that our girls love going to school, studying and even doing their homework, so the homeschooling experience should be achievable and enjoyable – as long as we’ll bring the bell, of course;-)

What will happen to #myblueberryhouse while we will be gone? Like so many other things that’s not decided yet. What is sure though: We won’t sell it. We’ve got a preferred scenario in mind, but it’s too early to talk about it. So I won’t just yet.

We will be leaving in approximately ten months. “Ten months” sounds like an awful lot of time. But if you think about it properly, you kind of realise that ten months is nothing. Time flies, especially when a busy year lies ahead of you. We’ll work harder than ever to save as much traveling money as we can. That means some extra jobs, some extra hours. We’ll have to figure out and organise so many things for the trip. Tickets,  passports, visas, jabs, hotels, hostels – that’s only the start. The to do list is growing with every single day that goes by. But you know what? I don’t mind. Bring it on those crazy ten months. Because we know what we are doing it for. For an even crazier – unforgettable – year!9w4b2506


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