The Christmas ham wrapping battle

First things first: I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas 2016. We did. Once more, we filled #myblueberryhouse with lots of lovely people (we counted 30 adults, kids and babies this year!) – and the oven with lots and lots of ham. Ham cooked in a bread dough: A long-lasting family Christmas tradition.Which starts with a proper wrapping battle. I ordered 5.7 kg of pre-cooked ham from the butcher’s this year and 4.5 kg of bread dough from the bakery.

To make the whole thing work, it is very important to wrap the ham properly. That means, that when wrapped, no more ham should be visible. And that’s how my mum taught me to win the wrapping battle:9w4b44149w4b44179w4b4420

Once wrapped, the ham goes into the oven and cooks at low temperature (140°C) for four to five hours (1h per kg of ham). We brush some water onto the dough once every hour and keep checking that the bread does not go to dark. When cooked, we cut the top of the bread off and lift the super-tasty and juicy ham out. We serve it with different salads – and the bread, of course!

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