First Good-Byes

Time flies. If we counted right, we will be gone in 82 days. And you know what? Even though that means the next weeks are going to be super busy, we are glad about the time melting away. We have been talking about our big adventure for almost a year now. It’s high time to make it happen. Besides that, we seem to be a family that works most efficiently under some pressure. Pressure that we definitely start feeling. Which is a good thing. We are finally getting stuff done. Renting the house out (to a lovely family – so thrilled!) – check. Sorting out visas – check. Making all the necessary doctor’s appointments for some final consultations – check. Applying for international driver’s licenses – check. Talking to the kids’ teachers about the targets they will have to hit during our absence – check… and starting to arrange good-bye get-togethers. Quite often, when we have been meeting friends and family recently (especially the ones we usually don’t see on a daily or weekly basis) THE question pops up when we say good-bye: “Will we see you again before you’ll leave?” Very often the answer is “yes, sure” – but more and more this is what you would hear: “Probably not. Take care. And see you in about 16 months”.

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