Stop-over in Liverpool

In order not to miss our ferry from Liverpool to the Isle of Man on the 22nd of August 2017, we made sure that we arrived in the city early enough. And that’s how we spent our 24 hours in the hometown of the Beatles.

Strolling through the city.
We literally dumped our belongings at our digs and headed off downtown to stretch our legs and get a feeling for Liverpool. Even though we are not city people, we felt comfortable in the areas we traversed (mainly Albert Docks, waterfront and streets around Liverpool ONE) and we all liked what we saw.

Listening to some music – and dancing in the streets.
We were taken by the pianos set up all over Liverpool ONE, a contemporary open-air shopping complex, built around the existing streets of Liverpool. We stopped on several corners and listened – respectively danced (the girls!) – to the piano sounds performed by amateur and professional musicians. Whoever feels like having a go as a busker is very welcome to perform here – and earn some pocket money on the side;-).

Sophie is listening with full concentration while Lilly is dancing away…

Sleeping in the YHA.
The YHA Liverpool is a recommendable place to stay if you are traveling on a budget. We paid only 39 pounds for one night in a family room ensuite. The room was very basic (as usual in the YHAs), but clean and generous in size. But the best about the place was its location which was not even a five minute walk away from the Albert Docks. In other words: It’s only a stone’s throw away from all the major attractions.

He was watching over us while we were sleeping in room #110.

Shopping on a mission.
While being in Liverpool, John and I were on a secret mission. Sailing over to the Isle of Man also meant officially starting world-schooling the girls. Lilly’s first school-day ever. Seen that she missed this very special day in Switzerland, we promised her a “Schultüte” (large cornet of cardboard filled with sweets and little presents given to children on their first day at school mainly in Germany… but sometimes also in Switzerland). And so we tried to get all the little bits and bobs for it, keeping it secret from the girls while they were with us at all times.

The result of our stop at the Lego shop which is more of an attraction for small and big kids than a shop.

Visiting “Another Place”
Another Place consists of 100 cast-iron, life-size figures spread out along three kilometers of the foreshore, stretching almost one kilometer out to sea, just outside of Liverpool. A really interesting site – and kind of spooky seeing all those “people” standing in the sea. There’s a vast sandy beach and a big playground where you park – which was a big plus for the girls.

Another Place

Eating at Gino’s.
It was so tasty at Gino d’Acampo’s restaurant that we could not help eating there two nights in a row. There was a great (Italian) vibe about the restaurant and the food was delicious. And should you ever find yourself in Gino’s yourself, ask for a picture with Gino. You will find out what this is all about;-). A perfect way to end our enjoyable time in Liverpool.

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