Last days in the comfort zone

Leaving Scotland also meant that our time in Great Britain was slowly coming to an end – and with it the time traveling in our comfort zone. Yes, we have visited new places that neither John nor myself had seen before, but all those places were not too different to home when it comes to culture and – especially – climate. And, in case of an emergency, friends and family were never too far away. A calming thought indeed. These last few days in Great Britain almost felt like getting ready for the second start of our trip… and that the really big adventure was only going to begin.

On the way down south from Scotland, we only stopped for a night in Alnwick and another night in the Cotswolds. In Alnwick, on the British East Coast, we stayed because it left us in a good position for visiting the sculpture “The Angel of the North” in Newcastle the following morning. An easy detour from the motorway and very impressive to look at and stand underneath.IMG_0127IMG_0147

The night in the Cotswolds we booked because John remembered the area as very picturesque with lots of pretty looking houses, which is always a winner in my eyes. We enjoyed strolling through the little villages and sleeping in Kate’s and Keith’s AirBnB a lot. We definitely could have stayed for longer – and it is very likely that we will be back one day.IMG_0172IMG_0166IMG_0177-2

Kate’s and Keith’s AirBnB


The last five days on European soil, we spent at our friend’s Dave (= the first person who met John and me as a couple in New Zealand!) in Storrington, Sussex. Dave agreed on looking after us for a while – and after our car while we would be gone. We had a brilliant time with Mr. Frohock eating like kings and queens, walking through the jungle, spotting a barn owl in the dusk, observing some shy deer, chatting till late, having school lessons in the garden… and John was even allowed to give in to his addiction: He tiled a bathroom. We felt so relaxed and safe until Dave dropped us off at the Premier Inn in London Heathrow, Terminal 4. That’s when it really started to sink in that the next day would be the start of a new part of our trip. That it would be the day to leave our comfort zone.

The selfie stick selfie.


“I can spot the owl!”


First Skype call with Grosi Frieda. We were so happy to see her.
Getting Dave’s garden ready for winter.
School in the garden


9 thoughts on “Last days in the comfort zone

  1. So much fun having you guys to stay.. a really joy.. Of course I miss the banter and laughs we all had.. I just hope that it meant that you could all ‘relax’ before hopping off to the ‘bigger world’.. Just so grateful to the girls helping around the garden (and making the custard) and Nicole for putting a wonderful meal together one evening.. and as for John’s ‘addiction’, how could I stop him!! Fabulous job. So grateful…. I hope that all will be complete here (well in the East wing at least 😉 ) on your return to the UK and Sussex.. PS .. I am still the cleanest person in the house 😉 (let the girls explain).. Safe travels..

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  2. Thanks to your amazing pictures and vivid comments, we are travelling with you. It seems as if Sophie and Lilly have already grown a few inches. As you say, leaving the confort zone is beginning the real adventure but I am confident that all will go well because you are so resourceful and grounded. Sylvia

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  3. Einmal mehr kann ich mit den herrlichen Bildern euch auf eurer Reise begleiten. Die Mädchen geniessen die Reise und machen einen zufriedenen Eindruck (selbst während der Schulstunden!). Bei Dave haben ich den langen Haarzopf vermisst. Vielleicht wächst er nach, bis ihr wieder zurück seid. Wir sehen uns bald in Sri Lanka. Paps

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  4. Hallo dear familiy
    the pictures are really faboulus. We look further to stay with you on the blog and enjoy your especial moments. Take care Christoph und Maria

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  5. Hi from Nigel and Gilly We have just read your blog (the link kindly sent to us by the lovely Dave) We really enjoyed meeting you all whilst you were staying with Dave and enjoyed the time we spent with you in the pub playing games with the Girls! We will carry on following your progress with great interest, your photos are amazing. The girls are a credit to you and we look forward to seeing you all when you stay briefly with Dave before your return home next year! Love Nigel and Gilly

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    1. Oh, how lovely to hear from you! We really enjoyed that evening with you in the pub and are looking forward to meeting you again when we’ll get back to Dave’s in about nine months time. We have got another riddle for you: I have got 6 faces and 21 eyes – who am I? 😉 Take care. Love from all of us.


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