Honey farm and beyond

Even though it was hard leaving a place like Alila Jabal Akhdar, we were ready for some new adventures that we found on a farm between Nizwa and Sinaw. We booked Honey Farm on AirBnB, but did not really know what to expect because the description on the booking site was to say the least, minimalistic.

As soon as we arrived, a staff member showed us around the farm and its animals. The girls instantly fell in love with the camels, even more so after feeding them. But despite the fact that the farm is an interesting setup and there are lots of animals around, we felt a bit lost – no, very lost! – on the first night. What on earth would we do here for the next three days?

Then the next morning came and with it Yonis, the owner of the farm. Meeting him changed everything for us and turned our stay here into a fabulous experience. Yonis invited us to sit down with him for a cup of coffee, some dates and fresh honey from the farm. What a sweet breakfast – and what a pleasant chat we had.

We back-tracked to Nizwa and surroundings for the day to check out the Unesco world heritage site of Bahla fort (stunning – and home to thousands of bats!), an impressive mud house village in Al Hamra and Nizwa souk which was much more relaxed than Mutrah Souk in Muscat – to the relief of Lilly.

The following morning, after more honey with bread, we let Yonis be our guide. He showed us around the local, abandoned old village where he was born, his bee hives and the plantation. We witnessed one of his helpers climbing up a palm tree to pick some fresh dates for us to try. A taste to get used to! We much prefer the dried ones.

The absolute highlight during the three days on the farm was the barbecue under the stars we were invited to by Yonis and his family and friends. While I had a chat with the women, watching carefully how they prepared some fried, sweet dumplings from scratch in the desert, John sat with the men for a good natter. It took the girls a while to rid their shyness and get over the language-barrier, before joining in the fun and playing hide and seek with the handful of kids of all ages that were around. We ate marinated lamb and flat bread dipped into a aubergine-humus-creme. And finished with red tea and fresh pomegranate. Unforgettable!IMG_1593-2IMG_1602IMG_1610IMG_1613IMG_1620IMG_1629IMG_1695IMG_1639-2-2IMG_1650IMG_1674IMG_1668IMG_1670IMG_1654IMG_1689IMG_1707IMG_1712IMG_1720IMG_1721IMG_1727IMG_1736-2IMG_1738IMG_1746IMG_1748IMG_1749IMG_1770IMG_1779IMG_1782IMG_1793IMG_1799IMG_1813IMG_1806IMG_1815IMG_1818-2IMG_1834IMG_1841IMG_1871IMG_1889IMG_1884IMG_1900IMG_1902-2

2 thoughts on “Honey farm and beyond

  1. Wow die schönen Orange Ton- Farben! John, unser begnadete Fotograf hat stets die besten Models dabei.
    Unglaublich, welche Abenteuer ihr in der wunderschönen Landschaft und mit den einheimischen Menschen erlebt!
    Wir sind gespannt auf eure Ankunft in Sri Lanka. Toi Toi Toi

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