Where beauty has an address

You know the feeling. Those last fews days of a holiday when your mind prepares itself for the reality of home again. That’s how it was for us arriving in Sur. With only one difference: Our heads were not getting ready for home, but for our next destination – Sri Lanka. Nevertheless, we enjoyed three very eventful days in the Sur area: We finally found the sand dunes (not as easy as one might think), observed the green turtles on the beach and watched a dhow (traditional wooden boat) being built. We swam fully dressed in Wadi Ben Khalid (wadi = valley), hiked up Wadi Shab where we jumped into fresh water, spotted some wild gazelles, dived into the sinkhole again and stayed in a colourful hotel that is very proud of its one star on the wall.IMG_1917-2

Wadi Ben Khali


Turtle beach by day.
Turtle tracks in the sand.


Wadi Shab


Turtle beach by night.


Colourful Sur Hotel
That would be a gazelle running across the road ;-).

The round-up

All in all, we loved our time in Oman and we are very happy about our decision to learn more about the Arabic way of life in this Gulf country. We have to admit: It is hard to travel on a budget in Oman. We blew ours – and not just because of our stay at Alila;-). But: It has so much to offer when it comes to hospitality, tradition, wildlife and the variety of landscapes. It’s a fascinating, contrasted country with amiable and super child-friendly people. It is beautiful. And we definitely support the tourist board’s slogan “where beauty has an address” – ironic though for a country without physical addresses;-).

And here’s what each of us thinks about Oman…


  • John (J): Barbecue with Yonis and his family and friends
  • Nicole (N): Alila
  • Sophie (S): Alila
  • Lilly (L): Alila


  • J: Arriving / First Day
  • N: Arriving at Honey Farm
  • S: Arriving / First Day
  • L: Arriving / First Day

Best adventure / memory

Favourite Place

Best meal / food

  • J: Biryani (local rice dish) / Breakfast at Alila
  • N: Alila bread with Lebanese cheese and honey
  • S: Alila bread
  • L: The first chicken lollipops at Pioneer Hotel

Best bed

Worst bed

  • J: “New” guesthouse on the Jebel Akhdar plateau
  • N: “New” guesthouse on the Jebel Akhdar plateau
  • S: “New” guesthouse on the Jebel Akhdar plateau
  • L: “New” guesthouse on the Jebel Akhdar plateau

Favourite animal

  • J: Blue bird
  • N: Blue bird
  • S: Turtle
  • L: Turtle

People I will remember

  • J: Khalid (marketing manager of Pioneer Hotel) / Yonis (owner of Honey Farm)
  • N: Christine (waitress at Alila) / Yonis’ wife’s cousin
  • S: Christine / Khalid
  • L: Christine / Khalid

What I’ll miss

  • J: Omani people and food
  • N: The fact that the sun shines every day.
  • S: Nothing
  • L: Alila

What I won’t miss

I didnt’ expect…

  • J: … so many mountains.
  • N: … so much western culture.
  • S: It’s not only sand.
  • L: … so many mountains.

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