Worldschooling: Episode 2

Just in case you were wondering: Our worldschooling adventure is still going very well, apart from a little hiccup back in Scotland when we had to clarify that even though mummy is not an official teacher, she is the boss when it comes to school work. There’s not always a choice of what you fancy doing and what not, certain things just have to be done. Once that was clarified, we were back on track and have enjoyed studying and teaching on the road. The task of schooling the girls while traveling also slows us down and gives our days a certain structure, which – we think – is a good thing and works very well for our family.

Besides the things that have to be done;-), the girls are keeping a travel diary. They write and draw about their adventures and collect little treasures along the way. Sometimes, it takes a bit of extra motivation to keep the journal up to date, but as soon as the girls start an entry, they get into it… and are so proud of the result every time they finish one.

Extract from Lilly’s diaryIMG_4218IMG_4224IMG_4219IMG_4221IMG_4222IMG_4223

Extract from Sophie’s diaryIMG_4213IMG_4214IMG_4215IMG_4216IMG_4217IMG_4208

We decided on having the diaries out of two main reasons:

  • Traveling for a year means seeing many, many things and getting loads of inputs. The book should help the girls to process the tons of information thrown at them and turn them into clearer memories.
  • The book will be a wonderful souvenir of our big adventure. A souvenir that the girls are creating for themselves. Almost four months into our trip, the journals  already look amazing and I can’t wait for all the empty pages to be filled. They will be such a great keepsake for the girls and have become so precious to us that we protect them just as much as our passports and money.


3 thoughts on “Worldschooling: Episode 2

  1. This is terrific to see and ‘read’.. Of course I do not understand a word of it, but know that it will be ‘factual’ to the various magic moments both Lilly and Sophie are having.. years to come and it will be fantastic to look back through… By the way, I am still cleaner than all of you.. Just tried out ‘your’ now completed bathroom en suite ;-)…

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  2. Scary to have mummy as a teacher. One day they will understand and appreciate. And maybe inspire.

    These 2 lovely little girls will be so far ahead of their peers in ‘the school of life’, the rest of their ‘education’ is easily caught up.

    (And dave can’t even read the pictures, no matter how clean he is…he should use the shower more often…I saw him trundle off to the ‘big smoke’ this morning!!)

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  3. I now have two showers in glorious fashion in perfectly tiles bathrooms! So yes I am using a shower more often, but you can be too clean sometimes… by the way, a picture spells a thousands words in any language too.. The diaries are brilliant. 🙂

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