Sri Lanka: Wonder of Asia?

“Wonder of Asia” is the slogan the Sri Lankan Tourist board is using to promote the country – and we are still wondering… Five weeks spent in the country, we left with very mixed feelings about what we experienced. We met lovely people, saw beautiful places and ate tasty food, but still, we did not fall in love with the place. We wonder why.

Negombo. Our last stop before leaving Sri Lanka.


And here’s what each of us thinks about Sri Lanka…


  • John (J): Taking the train through the tea plantations
  • Nicole (N): The sight of the tea plantations
  • Sophie (S): Three weeks in the Matara (Residence Muhuda Watta)
  • Lilly (L): Driving in a tuk-tuk


  • J: Arrival at “Green Village Homestay”, Ella
  • N: First night at the homestay in Ella
  • S: Homestay in Ella
  • L: Homestay in Ella

Best adventure / memory

Favourite place

  • J: Kandy
  • N: Veranda of our house in Matara (Residence Muhuda Watta)
  • S: Pranobaa Homestay and Residence in Matara
  • L: Residence Muhuda Watta in Matara

Best meal / food

  • J: Coconut roti with Dhal at Folly’s in Ella
  • N: Coconut roti with Dhal at Folly’s in Ella
  • S: Coconut roti from Supun and omelette at Pranobaa Homestay
  • L: Coconut roti with honey

Best bed

  • J: Luxe Wilderness, Nuwara Eliya
  • N: Luxe Wilderness Nuwara Eliya
  • S: The cosy bed at Luxe Wilderness, Nuwara Eliya
  • L: Pranobaa Homestay, Kandy

Favourite animal

People I will remember

  • J: Lali and Supun (Matara), Syria and Anoma (Pranobaa homestay, Kandy), Anula (cookery teacher)
  • N: Lali and Supun (Matara), Syria and Anoma (Pranobaa homestay, Kandy)
  • S: Supun and Basuru
  • L: Supun

What I’ll miss

  • J: Supun’s coconut roti
  • N: Fresh tasty exotic fruits as served in Matara for breakfast.
  • S: Coconut roti and Supun
  • L: Nothing

What I won’t miss

  • J: Being ripped off
  • N: Crazy buses
  • S: Traffic
  • L: The rubbish everywhere and the mad traffic

I didn’t expect…

  • J: …Nuwara Eliya to be so cold.
  • N: …cold, grey and very wet weather.
  • S: …so many guesthouses.
  • L: …it to be so cold in the Sri Lankan hills (Nuwara Eliya).


2 thoughts on “Sri Lanka: Wonder of Asia?

  1. 5 weeks, 4 pictures – small but wonderful production, John!!

    Will be interesting to hear of everyone’s thoughts of Sri Lanka in 7 months time. Different? Faded in memory? And if the adults have stopped wondering? Or come to a conclusion?!

    Continue to be fascinated. Happy travelling.


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