Clean and green Kuala Lumpur

Arriving at Kuala Lumpur (KL) airport, early Sunday morning of the 10th of December, we had no idea what to expect from this metropolis. Yes, of course, we had done our research and read about things to do and see, but I am talking more about the atmosphere of this cosmopolitan city. Chaotic or organised? Dirty or clean? Manic or quiet? Dull or exciting? Mostly, these questions were answered by our talkative taxi driver who brought us to our hotel. In between telling us how lucky we were with the meager amount of traffic, he emphasized at least ten times, that KL is “clean and green” (on the 40 minutes drive). And he was – oh joy! – absolutely right. Even better: KL was exciting, organised (with a perfect hint of chaos), alive, diverse, christmassy, child-friendly and heavenly for the taste buds. As well as all of that we were reunited with our dear friend Marc (the Spark) which was an extra big bonus.

In zombie mode… after another sleepless night at the airport / one the plane.
Awww, a roller coaster in the building!
Bedroom on the 38th floor.
The highest tower (to be) in South Asia – built by the Chinese (as so many other things).
The view from our room.
Waiting for Marc.


Lilly’s photo show for Marc.
Art on the ceiling.


Child models for hire. We could finance our trip like that;-).


Water display on Symphony Lake.
The monorail adventure.

IMG_5938 copyIMG_5944IMG_5998

Streetfood heaven.


Some of our highlights:

  • Sleeping on the 38th floor.
  • Chilling off our jetlag watching (or sleeping through) COCO in the cinema.
  • Running around the playground and getting our feet wet at Kuala Lumpur City Centre Park (KLCC Park).
  • Admiring the architecture of the Petronas Towers by day and night.
  • Watching the colourful water display at the Lake Symphony fountains (KLCC Park).
  • Diving into the open-air streetside dining adventure of Jln Alor.
  • Discovering all sorts of new foods. Roti telur or steamed buns fast becoming our staples.
  • Covering some ground riding the monorail.
  • For the girls: Having fun on merry-go-rounds, mini trains and bumper cars at the Berjaya Times Square Theme Park.
  • And: Catching up with Marc the Spark, of course.

The learning curve:

  • Don’t waste your time looking for the visa payment counter. Entering Malaysia is free.
  • Airport taxi service from the airport to the hotel is cheaper than the obvious public transport option. And much more convenient, too.
  • Lift doors can close before you all manage to enter. That’s how we lost Sophie in the hotel. Panic!

4 thoughts on “Clean and green Kuala Lumpur

  1. Hi this is one place I woild be fascinated to visit, it looks amazing! You all look incredibly well ( no surprise there! ) we hope you have a great Christmas in Sri Lanka and our very best wishes from miserable wet Storrington. Love Gilly & Nige

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  2. I meant to say I would like to visit Kuala Lumpur as my father was based there during the second world war just before Japan capitulated and he loved it!! Happy travels!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Fascinating. Glad that it met expectations…and more. (how is it kept ‘clean & green?)
    Great images, all variants, of Petronas Towers!
    Happy travelling.


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