The low-point at the tip of Borneo

I really struggle to write this blog post. And there is one simple reason for it: Ironically, I reached a real low-point at the tip of Borneo. To be honest with you, we probably all did. Maybe it was the storm that turned the beaches into a waste dump (the amount of plastic bottles in the sand – shocking!) and the turquoise water into a brown soup. Maybe it was the mosquitoes on mass at the first chalet we stayed at or the rats pooing on us in the second bungalow (the first time ever we claimed our money back for something). Maybe it was the lack of things to do in the area (apart from lounging around). Maybe it was the pre-Christmas homesickness. Or maybe… we just didn’t click with the place. Unfortunately, nothing really managed to change our feelings during the five days we were staying. But fortunately, we can look back on lovely pictures and some highlights anyway:

  • Clearing the beach from driftwood and rubbish.
  • Swimming in the rough sea, jumping over “big” waves.
  • Walking on the deserted beach, looking for intricate pieces of coral and other washed up treasures.
  • Sitting on the balcony of our rat-infested accommodation. Seriously, it was quite special.
  • Attending Sophie’s and Lilly’s imaginary open-air cooking class.
  • Getting into a Malay lesson with some locals while having roti telur in a restaurant in Kudat.
    At the tip of Borneo.
    Christmas carol singers in the restaurant on the beach.
    He came to say good morning.
    Kudat market: Dried fish.


    Bouncing babies hanging from the ceiling.


    Our favourite snack: Roti telur.
    After the storm…
    We are not impressed with all the rubbish on the beach.


    Veranda of our jungle chalet.
    Veranda of our beach bungalow.
    IMG_6226 copy
    In thought.
    Cooking class.


    IMG_6417 copy
    Power cut – we are getting used to that.



5 thoughts on “The low-point at the tip of Borneo

  1. Oh dear. Life cannot be wonderful all of the time! A shame this part has not gone well but very pleased to see there were still some highlights. It will also make the next good sector even better!

    Plastic bottles are awful – when are we all going to start being more responsible?

    Is it a Borneon tradition to wear golden-yellow tops when carol singing?!!!

    Again, some fantastic images. And not all John’s! Apologies Nicole, I think I have been guilty of a great disservice to your photographic skills. I think I believed they were all taken by J, when they obviously have not! Love the one of the girls on the beach holding hands walking along the driftwood impaled in the sand. And the one of J with an umbrella staring out to the horizon.

    Happy travelling.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry that we did not get round to answer before!!!

      It looks like there’s going to be a change about plastic litter in Europe… I have just read the: China does not want to import our rubbish anymore. We think there should be a deposit on all plastic – then at least it gets recycled.

      Golden-yellow tops when carol singing – no, I don’t think it is a tradition. The following day a group in blue T-Shirts came round to sing 😉 But the T-Shirts have to be matching, for sure 😉

      Please don’t apologise. Most pics are taken by John. Sometimes even the ones with him in the shot. He took the one holding the umbrella, for instance.

      Have a lovely day!


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