Kuala Lumpur and Borneo through our kids’ eyes

Due to multiple circumstances the girls have taken less pictures in Malaysia. Sometimes, the cameras were on strike (flat batteries or full memory cards). Sometimes, we were not willing to pay the camera fees for more than one camera. And sometimes, they simply didn’t feel like taking pictures. But the ones they took, turned out just great and give our trip to Malaysia a new perspective.

Sophie’s picturesDSCN1495DSCN1498DSCN1499DSCN1500DSCN1515DSCN1521DSCN1532DSCN1593DSCN1596DSCN1597DSCN1613

Lilly’s pictures


5 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur and Borneo through our kids’ eyes

  1. Hello Lilly and Sophie
    well done!
    We like your close up pictures and of course the Orang utan and the golden Budas as well. Great perspektives!
    Take care, a big hug from

    Christoph and Maria

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  2. Hi Lilly and Sophie,
    Love your pictures! Quite an eye for details. I enjoy seeing the world through your eyes. I received your postcard from Sri Lanka last week. ( It must have come by boat.) A really nice reminder of all those lovely days spent with you in Sri Lanka. I’m looking forward to the next episode of your great adventure. I hope you’re still writing and pasting in your diaries. Happy trails to you…Sylvia

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  3. I have been remiss recently by not making any comments. Must do better.
    More wonderful images from the girls.

    A couple of thoughts occurred that might be of interest much later. In northern Oregon, there is also a place called Sunset Beach. Cannot guarantee similar sunsets but I can guarantee there will be no sand flies or mosquitoes!
    Heading north, there is a fascinating rain forest in Washington. Compare and contrast with your recent tropical rain forest visit?

    Happy travelling.

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