A taste of Washington’s diversity

The small part of Washington State we roamed, offered a lot of diversity. We traveled from rugged beaches, to snowy mountains and via the quaint, laid-back San Juan Island to the bustling city of Seattle. We moved by camper van (RV), ferry, bicycles, water trikes, train… and on foot, of course. Along the way, we discovered some intriguing wildlife: Orange and purple starfish on the beach, cheeky marmots on Hurricane Ridge, playful porpoises and seals at Deception State Park, a very pretty yellow bird, bald eagles galore, five transient orcas in the distance – and then there always was that spooky feeling of a cougar watching you. We learned about nature (Olympic National Park Visitor Center on Hurricane Ridge), animals (whale museum in Friday Harbour) and impressive technology (Boeing Factory in Everett). And to add a sweet touch to Washington’s diversity, we stopped at the Donut House in Anacortes where the Donuts come in all imaginable flavours. Yummy! With so much diversity to offer, it is no surprise that people fall in love with this part of the Pacific North West. We definitely left with a crush as well.

Under the floating tree.
Beach art.


Sea stacks like these brought us to the Olympic National Park in first place (Ruby Beach).
Fascinating starfish and sea anemones.


When the tide comes at a surprise.
Second Beach, Olympic National Park.
We just had to find out what was in that pipe. What do you think Lilly discovered?
Green, greener, the greenest… (Sol duc Falls).


The ceremonial burning of John’s jeans.
Sister’s talk in the bush.


Lilly being sworn in as a Junior Ranger of Olympic National Park.
On Hurricane Hill Trail.


Deception Pass Bridge.
Pointing out some wildlife in the water.
A sweet must-stop.
Donuts in all shapes and flavours.
On the ferry to San Juan Island.
Lime Kiln Lighthouse on San Juan Island.


A wonderful spot to stare at the sea for hours…
Running wild.
Patiently waiting for the orcas to turn up.
Cheeky and pretty.
Dyeing a T-shirt on Lakedale Resort.
Finally, a bicycle to ride!
Our last SMORE session.


Out on the water trike.


Welcome to Seattle!
Paying the Fremont Troll a visit.
A short ride on the Monorail.


They put on a proper show at the fish market.
The gum wall: Cool and repellent in one.


Very random: This lady showed us how to sneeze properly.
Checking out the big birds at the BOEING factory.
Dropping off our beloved home on wheels.
Waiting for the train to Vancouver in Everett.

Some of our highlights:

  • Ruby Beach (Olympic National Park) with its grand sea stacks, countless starfish and tons of driftwood. Should you ever visit, make sure you come at low tide to make the most of the rock pooling.
  • Second Beach (Olympic National Park): A short, pretty walk through a temperate rain forest brings you down to Second Beach where there’s more sea stacks, driftwood and a vast sandy beach (at low tide!) to explore. And the odd pipe sticking out of the sand.
  • Another easy and attractive walk brings you to the Sol Duc Falls (Olympic National Park) with its lush green surroundings.
  • Even though I was terrified for two hours of running into a bear or cougar, we all loved the two-hours return hike off the beaten track to Mink Lake (Olympic National Park).
  • On Hurricane Hill Trail (Olympic National Park), we took delight in the wonderful view of the snow-covered mountain range in the distance and in spotting some shy deer and playful marmots.
  • All the campgrounds in Olympic National Park we stayed on offered camping surrounded by nature at its best: Kalaloch Campground, Mora Campground, Sol Duc Campground and Heart O’ the Hills Campground.
  • Walking over the Deception Pass Bridge and exploring the North shore of Deception Pass State Park. On our little loop on enjoyable paths (starting from Bowman Bay), we got a perfect view of the bridge and discovered porpoises, seals and this tiny bright yellow bird.
  • Our stop at the Donut House in Anacortes. What would a trip to the United States of America be without indulging in donuts!
  • Sailing in between the San Juan Islands from Anacortes to Friday Harbour.
  • Sitting on the picturesque west coast of San Juan Island, staring at the sea for six days in the hope to see some orcas from shore. On day two, we saw five transient orcas in the distance, but unfortunately, the resident orcas were absent trying to find some food somewhere else. Yes, we were a little bit disappointed that our patience didn’t totally pay off – but we also have to say that we truly enjoyed just slowing down, reading books, playing games… and gazing at the sea.
  • Doing handicrafts, riding bicycles, playing table tennis, cruising on water trikes and feasting on SMOREs on scenic Lakedale Resort.
  • Strolling through quaint Friday Harbour. Definitely our favourite village we have seen in the United States.
  • Exploring Seattle on foot (my phone counted 17’762 steps!). Our self-guided tour looked as follows: Fremont Troll – playground at Seattle center – Space Needle (we didn’t queue to go up though) – ride on the monorail – Pike Place Market – Gum Wall – waterfront – Pike St. Press (I would love to own this shop!) – Olympic Sculpture Park – Queen Anne neighbourhood (great vibe)
  • Witnessing how aircrafts are produced while joining a tour at the Boeing Factory in Everett.

We were traveling in Washington State from the 28th of May to the 14th of June 2018.

12 thoughts on “A taste of Washington’s diversity

  1. The part of the trip I’ve been waiting for…and unsurprisingly, am not disappointed. Lovely selection of pictures as usual, almost becoming blasé about them! And also as usual, more questions!

    what did Lily find in the pipe?
    why did J’s jeans have a sacrificial bbq?
    how do you know the orcas were transients, not residents?

    Love the greens of Olympic National park, just how I remember it. Looking forward to the next installment.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Nigel.
      Sorry for the late reply, but everday’s life has taken over over here.

      So, let’s answer your questions;-)
      – Lilly found some rubbish in the pipe! No treasure chest filled with gold coins, unfortunately.
      – John’s beloved jeans got a special treatment, because they were John’s only jeans (poor husband of mine!) and served him so well until they literally fell to pieces.
      – Transients or residents? We got the eye for that! No, just joking. A nice, knowledgeable lady who pretty much lives her life for the orcas told us.

      The first part of Canada is in the pipeline. Coming soon… x


  2. Fabulous pictures! Love the girls in the wheat field and having fun on the water trike. Agree with Fro bald eagle is an amazing picture! What’s it like now being home? It was lovely to see you all again at Little Acre! Take care. Gilly xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Gillian.
      It was lovely to see you, too. It has been quite hectic for the first few weeks being back, but things are calming down now, I think.
      Hope you are well and get some decent autumn weather. Nicole xx


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