Summer vibes from “Sea to Sky”

Canada welcomed us with some glorious summer weather aka “pure sunshine” and “high temperatures”. I really don’t want to bore you with weather details, but after weeks of unpredictable conditions, it was so lovely to leave the house without a mountain of spare clothes for all possibilities. And so we explored Vancouver and select destinations along the “Sea to Sky” Highway (otherwise known as Hwy 99) for ten days without even giving the weather forecast a second thought. All we had to think about was how to enjoy the Canadian summer vibes the most… and eventually where to cool down once in a while.

On the Valley Trails in Whistler.
These two have always something to natter about…
… and share some secrets.
Sophie paddling her feet at Alpha Lake (Whistler).
Floating on the shore of Alta Lake (Whistler).
Some people must have lost their clothes at Lost Lake (Whistler).
Where’s Lilly? (train wreck, Whistler)
Sophie pausing for a moment.
Water fun at Meadow Park, Whistler.
Shannon Falls


We hadn’t expected to see you in Canada!
Sea to Sky Gondola.
On the Alpine Alley family trail.


From Sea to Sky.
Whistler village.


Our rental car!!


Some of our highlights

  • Meeting travelers from all over the world in the AirBnB “Spice Mansion“, Vancouver. With lovely Amanda and Evandro from Brazil, we even watched the world cup match between Switzerland and Brazil. For us, the 1:1 felt like a win, whereas our Brazilian friends were rather disappointed with the result… I wonder why? 😉
  • Driving the picturesque cliffside roadway from Vancouver to Whistler marveling at the mountains rising from the sea.
  • Living in the homely Peak View Penthouse in Whistler Creekside.
  • Making the most of the brilliant, car-free Valley Trails in and around Whistler and its lakes.
  • Stocking up on reading material in Whistler’s modern library. The girls even found some German books!
  • Cooling down our feet in Lost Lake before strolling around it in the hope to run into a black bear. No luck though! What we ran into instead: A bunch of nude people sunbathing on a pier. The girls’ talking point for the rest of the day. No surprise there ;-).
  • The water slide in Meadow Park. I don’t know how many times Sophie and Lilly went down that tiny slide in the three hours we stayed – in freezing cold water! They really don’t need much to be exhilarated.
  • Heading up the mountain in the “Sea to Sky” gondola in Squamish. At the top there’s loads to keep the whole family entertained: A fun family trail (Alpine Alley – the girls wanted to walk it twice), a scenic panorama pathway, plenty of view points and a wobbly suspension bridge. Another bonus: The gondola runs till 9pm, so we even saw the sun disappear behind the mountain range. Nice!
  • Rambling through Whistler Village, watching three skilled breakdancers performing in the street and the mountain bikers racing and jumping down the slopes of Whistler Mountain.
  • My initial shock about the rental car company’s upgrade, turned into a real affection. The sporty, shiny, black Dodge Charger we were given couldn’t have been further away from my idea of an ideal car for an exploring family. But I have to admit, it grew on me. Very quickly indeed. And I can say now: It’s not such a bad car for exploring families after all.

The learning curve

  • Always expect the unexpected No.1: The first animal John photographed in Canada was a SNAKE!! We had more a bear in mind.
  • Always expect the unexpected No. 2: The first time on our trip that we didn’t manage to sleep because of the heat was in… Whistler. Who would have thought that?! Not us, anyway.
  • Whistler is a very expensive place. But don’t worry if you travel on a budget. There are plenty of fun and free (or budget-friendly) things to do in the area.

We traveled the Vancouver / Whistler area from the 15th to the 23rd of June 2018.

3 thoughts on “Summer vibes from “Sea to Sky”

  1. June seems so long ago…

    Not sure I would have journeyed far along that suspension bridge;
    Hard to imagine 20 years ago, Squamish was a small, indistinct lumber (timber) town between Vancouver and Whistler, now a destination or residence in its own right;
    Seeing the Olympic rings in Whistler reminds me of the fantastic Winter Games in 2010;
    What a family vehicle, reminiscent of our upgrade in 2005 from sensible car to a Mustang convertible!
    Slightly surprised you did not do the Peak to Peak stuff in Whistler, altho’ it is stupidly expensive, like much of the town, as you discovered.

    Looking forward to the next installment.


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