About us

The other day (…a couple of years ago…), I found that little black moleskine notebook that I carried with me on my trip around the world in 2008. A notebook full of teeny-weeny handwriting, full of great memories, full of incidents that kind of turned my life upside down. I poured myself a coffee, sat down and took a few minutes to flick through it. And there it was, towards the end of the booklet, my personal “bucket list”. I wrote it in a lovely spot on the southern island of New Zealand with John, a charming “stranger” at the time, my supporting, loving and very talented husband here and now. Meeting him was one of the incidents that turned my life upside down, as you can imagine. But that’s another story. Back to the bucket list. One of the twelve points caught my eye instantly because it had been on my mind a lot over the last few years: I would like to write. Not a postcard to my auntie or a random shopping list. I would like to write regularly and publicly. Back then, I probably had a book in mind. But the book idea turned more and more into a blog vision. Sharing things that I love doing with whoever is interested in it. And here I am. Writing. And feeling happy about it.

Of course this blog is not really about me. Even though it says “my” blueberry house. It is about us. Our little family (mummy, daddy and two cute girlies). Our blue house (a dream came true). Our garden – hopefully full of blueberry bushes soon (we love blueberries!). It is about us being creative, decorating and redecorating our home, collecting clever interior design ideas and finding bits and bobs that we would like to see in our place. And about our travels and adventures, of course… It is literally about all the passions that the four of us share.

I dedicate this blog to my lovely mum who shared her love for flowers, decorations and being creative with me from a very young age. I wish she could contribute to this blog with her talents and positivity.

The my blueberry house-story so far…

As I had mentioned earlier, I met John, my husband on a trip around the world. And as you might guess, he is not Swiss – like me. John is Manx. Manx? Yes, Manx. He is from a lovely island in the Irish Sea called Isle of Man. So, after we had agreed that a long-distance relationship was not for us, we decided on living together – in the heart of Switzerland. We moved into our first apartment, had our two girls, got married… and after a while found a plot of  land to build our family home on. It took us a whole year to build the house on paper with our talented architects Andrea and Taro from Atelier Nido. And another 10 months to actually see it happen. It felt great to move in just two weeks before Christmas 2012. And even though not one single room was completely finished at the time, we fell in love with this place immediately. Should I ever have to move, I will take my blueberry house with me.

Here’s a few impressions of the build and the final result. How it looks on the inside, we will reveal in the blog, step by step.

Going back to where it all started

Now we are writing the year 2017. And we are going back to where it all started. We are traveling the world with our two girls Sophie (8) and Lilly (6) for a whole year from August 2017 to July 2018. Obviously, we will take the girls back to New Zealand as well, but before and after, we want to show them some other places on our beautiful planet, make them experience other cultures and climates and get them to meet lovely people from all over the world. Feel free to join our trip by reading about our adventures. We are very happy to share them with you.

In my dad’s garden on the day we left for our big trip.

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