We hit Calgary at the right time. Stampede – apparently the greatest outdoor show on earth – was in town. And so were thousands of cowgirls and cowboys recognizable by their hats, boots and checkered shirts. Of course, we joined in the fun. Without adapting to the dresscode though.

But before we made the pilgrimage to the Stampede area, we had other thrilling and adventurous things to accomplish. Continue reading

From Whistler to Golden

After staying put for a few days in Whistler, it was time to cover some miles again. 408 miles (= 658 km) in eight days to be precise. We didn’t really know what to expect from our itinerary “Whistler – Kamloops – Revelstoke – Golden”. But if we had learnt one thing on our trip so far, it had been this: You don’t have to plan every single minute of your adventure. Just go with the flow, trusting that good things will happen along the way. And good things will happen along the way. Continue reading

Summer vibes from “Sea to Sky”

Canada welcomed us with some glorious summer weather aka “pure sunshine” and “high temperatures”. I really don’t want to bore you with weather details, but after weeks of unpredictable conditions, it was so lovely to leave the house without a mountain of spare clothes for all possibilities. Continue reading

A taste of Washington’s diversity

The small part of Washington State we roamed, offered a lot of diversity. We traveled from rugged beaches, to snowy mountains and via the quaint, laid-back San Juan Island to the bustling city of Seattle. We moved by camper van (RV), ferry, bicycles, water trikes, train… Continue reading

Zigzagging through Oregon

Concerning our Oregon itinerary, we were brutally unprepared. When we crossed the state border, the only fixed point on the map was Crater Lake National Park. So, that’s where we started our Oregon adventure. Everything that came after that, we pretty much figured out on the go. As a result, we ended up zigzagging our way northward through Oregon. And what a zigzag it was! See for yourself what gems we found. Continue reading

A journey of two halves

I am writing this blog post about our four weeks on the Northern Island of New Zealand (NZ) for the second time. It was completely finished, but I couldn’t bring myself to publish it. Something was missing. And discussing it now – quite a while after leaving the country -, sitting around the table in our camper on the island of San Juan (USA), it is quite clear what the missing part was: Brutal honesty. The truth is: We flatlined. Continue reading

A trip down memory lane

Coming back to the South Island of New Zealand was a real trip down memory lane for John and I. Ten years ago we arrived here separately to explore. In Motueka, our paths crossed on the balcony of a backpacker’s, over a pasta dish I agreed to join John on a two day hike with an overnight stay in a rock shelter… and the rest is history. Playing such an important role in our lives, New Zealand had a place in our hearts ever since. Therefore, it was clear for us – right from the start of planing this big trip – to travel again to the other side of the world, but this time as husband and wife with two kids in tow. Continue reading