Kuala Lumpur and Borneo through our kids’ eyes

Due to multiple circumstances the girls have taken less pictures in Malaysia. Sometimes, the cameras were on strike (flat batteries or full memory cards). Sometimes, we were not willing to pay the camera fees for more than one camera. And sometimes, they simply didn’t feel like taking pictures. But the ones they took, turned out just great and give our trip to Malaysia a new perspective. Continue reading

“Tour de Borneo” – the final stage

The last stage of our tour through Borneo was to get back from the Kinabatangan River over the hills to Kota Kinabalu. As we didn’t want to risk another crazy eight hours ride, we split the journey in two. We stopped overnight in Kundasang, a mountain village very close to the Mt Kinabalu national park. The feeling up there was completely different to what we had experienced so far in Borneo: Enjoyable temperatures, views of a proper mountain peak and even some green meadows with Friesian cows grazing . Real signs of swissness! Continue reading

The wild side of Sabah

After a rather urban eleven days in Kota Kinabalu, it was high time to go and explore Sabah’s praised wildlife. Sightings of monkeys, snakes, sun bears, crocodiles, pygmy elephants, birds galore and of course a chance to meet the old man of the forest were all possible here. Which ones would we get to see? Continue reading

Our tropical Christmas in Kota Kinabalu

Whenever I imagined a tropical Christmas, I had this – oh so romantic – vision of celebrating on a white, sandy beach under palm trees with our toes dipped into the salty sea water. Reality though was somewhat different. The fact that we celebrated in Kota Kinabalu (KK) – in hot and humid conditions – was pretty much the only tropical element to our Christmas festivities. But tropical or not, our Christmas turned out to be lovely. Far from the norm, but lovely: Continue reading

Clean and green Kuala Lumpur

Arriving at Kuala Lumpur (KL) airport, early Sunday morning of the 10th of December, we had no idea what to expect from this metropolis. Yes, of course, we had done our research and read about things to do and see, but I am talking more about the atmosphere of this cosmopolitan city. Chaotic or organised? Dirty or clean? Manic or quiet? Dull or exciting? Continue reading

Sri Lanka through our kids’ eyes

The girls were very happy that the last post with their pictures (Oman through our kids’ eyes) went down so well. No wonder that they were excited to choose a selection of their Sri Lankan pictures with daddy today. And here’s the result of it. Continue reading

Our ups and downs in the Sri Lankan hill country

After having successfully extended our visas in Colombo we boarded the train to Kandy the following morning. Our main goal for the next 10 days in the Sri Lankan hill country was to go and find the beautiful tea plantation scenery. What we got mostly, was rain. Heavy rain with strong winds. In fact we were feeling the force of cyclone Ockhi! Power was down and the train couldn’t run. Add to that some disappointing accommodation and a bout of car sickness. Yes, we have to admit, we lived through some “downs”. But they just made the “ups” even better. Continue reading

The visa extension nightmare?

Back home, when we put our travel itinerary on paper, of course we had visas in mind, but obviously not enough. For Sri Lanka, you get a 30 day tourist visa, when entering the country with an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorisation). But somehow, we ignored that fact and planned to stay for FIVE weeks. Accordingly, we booked the flights. Later realising what we had done, we were faced with two options: Change our flights or apply for a visa extension when in Sri Lanka. Seeing that a change of flights would have resulted in a higher cost than the visa extension and latter meant an extra unique experience, we went for it and booked two nights in Colombo, in a homestay close to the immigration office. Continue reading