First Good-Byes

Time flies. If we counted right, we will be gone in 82 days. And you know what? Even though that means the next weeks are going to be super busy, we are glad about the time melting away. We have been talking about our big adventure for almost a year now. It’s high time to make it happen. Continue reading

There’s no going back now.

After months of talking about our year-long family trip around the world, it is now becoming reality. There’s no going back now. Yesterday, we booked the first flights half-way around the globe. London to Abu Dhabi – confirmed. Abu Dhabi to Muscat – confirmed. Muscat to Colombo – confirmed. Colombo to Kuala Lumpur – confirmed. And Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu (Borneo) – confirmed. Continue reading

Our crazy plans.

I can’t properly believe that we are doing this. But yes, we are! In about ten months we will pack our bags and children and leave #myblueberryhouse for “quite a while”. It looks like we will be gone for almost a year – to discover the world and spend some quality family time together. How exciting is this! And how scary at the same time. Never mind. We are doing it. And I can’t wait. Continue reading