Some of the fields in the neighbourhood of #myblueberry_house are covered in snwodrops theses days. A very pretty sight! So pretty that I could not resist picking a few to bring the spring feeling into myblueberry_house. And to have a little snowdrop shoot… Continue reading

The Christmas ham wrapping battle

First things first: I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas 2016. We did. Once more, we filled #myblueberryhouse with lots of lovely people (we counted 30 adults, kids and babies this year!) – and the oven with lots and lots of ham. Ham cooked in a bread dough: A long-lasting family Christmas tradition.Which starts with a proper wrapping battle. I ordered 5.7 kg of pre-cooked ham from the butcher’s this year and 4.5 kg of bread dough from the bakery.

To make the whole thing work, it is very important to wrap the ham properly. That means, that when wrapped, no more ham should be visible. And that’s how my mum taught me to win the wrapping battle: Continue reading

Autumn has moved in.

Last Monday, I spent a lovely day with the girls in the forest. We collected bags full of little treasures such as moss, nuts, branches, acorns and colourful leaves and brought them back to #myblueberryhouse. And with the little treasures, autumn moved in: We started turning them into autumnal decorations for the house. So far, we have managed to make a simple decor for the living room. Have a look! Continue reading

It has been a while…

I know, I know, it has been a while since my last post. But summer turned out to be much busier than expected. Funny actually, concerning the fact that we spent the summer here in #myblueberryhouse, in Switzerland. But that’s probably exactly the point: When you are home, there is always something to do. There is no such thing as turning off completely. Please don’t get me wrong. That does not mean that we did not have a lovely summer. Not at all. We had a great time. Just busy. Continue reading

Crocheting Challenge: Complete!

Did it really take me five months to complete my “crocheting a blanket” challenge??? It doesn’t feel like it, but it must have. Because five months ago I wrote about my latest addiction (at the time) and my new, time-consuming, evening-filling hobby: Crocheting (the entry I am talking about you will find here). And it was only on Wednesday night, that I ran out of yarn. Which meant that my project was completed, whether or not I wanted it to be. How happy I am with the result, you wonder? Continue reading

Love for Trilogies

Whoever follows me on instagram (myblueberryhouse on instagram) might have noticed that I have got a new obsession – photographic trilogies! I cannot just take a picture of a scene, no, I always try to get two more, related to the first scene. The last instagram photo trilogy was about our ostrich egg lamps, hanging above our dining table. Continue reading