Photomontage “Light”

#myblueberryhouse had the great pleasure last week to be part of an exciting architectural photography project: Franziska Scheuber – brilliant interior designer to be – took loads of pictures from our inner courtyard. Always from the exact same spot, at the exact same angle, but at different times. After a “24 hour shooting”, she chose seven shots that she turned into the following, very interesting photomontage: Continue reading

Floating Flowers

Because it is this time of year again, I would like to republish a post that I wrote last year on my “old” blog:

Our girls love to pick flowers at the moment. Almost every single day I receive a lovely bunch of hand-picked flowers. But somehow the stems are always too short and I can hardly put the flowers in a vase. Continue reading

Our four favourite sketchbooks

Our girls love to draw and colour in. Lilly (5) even dreams of being an artist one day. How lovely! I have never attempted to be an artist and do not consider myself as a very talented illustrator, but I must say that I enjoy joining them, especially when sketchbooks are involved. What I really love about them is that the kids’ sketchbooks work for adults as well – and vice versa. Continue reading

Photography addiction?

I absolutely love running around #myblueberryhouse with the camera these days. It looks like my blogging project triggered a real passion. Love, love, love taking pictures! Can’t get enough. It is so addictive.

I have just added two new shots of the guest’s bathroom. You can check them out by clicking on this link. I hope you like them x


Fairy Party: The Invitation

More than a month ago (time flies!) I wrote about Sophie’s request regarding the theme of her 7th birthday party (Welcome to Fairyland). At the time, the party seemed to be so far away. But all of a sudden it’s high time that we got everything ready: The party will take place next week! Things are not really organised yet. I got some ideas floating around in my head, but the bigger picture is still missing. Good, that I am used to that last minute scenario. And even better that I kind of like “last minute”. Somehow I probably need the pressure to get my creative brain going and come up with some ideas. Continue reading

Multifunctional Cups

John and I got married on the 31st of October 2009, a stunning autumn’s day in Switzerland. We were so lucky with the weather! Because that time of the year, it often rains – or even snows! – especially in the mountains where we had our ceremony and the outdoor after-ceremony get together for friends and family. The outdoor aspect was a gamble (of course we had a plan B in case of bad conditions) but it payed off. It was cold, I don’t deny that. But for the chilliness we were prepared. At least when it comes to the food we served. A big pot full of tasty pumpkin soup was waiting for us. Served in OUR cups. Here we go, the cups! Long story short: We needed soup bowls for our wedding – that was how our multifunctional cups were born. Continue reading

Yellow Necklace for the Wall

I am still on my “add some colour” mission – in this particular case on my “add some yellow to the living room” mission. And as Lilly was home this afternoon and looking for a handicraft project, I gave her something to do, with the living room in mind. Continue reading