A journey of two halves

I am writing this blog post about our four weeks on the Northern Island of New Zealand (NZ) for the second time. It was completely finished, but I couldn’t bring myself to publish it. Something was missing. And discussing it now – quite a while after leaving the country -, sitting around the table in our camper on the island of San Juan (USA), it is quite clear what the missing part was: Brutal honesty. The truth is: We flatlined. Continue reading

A trip down memory lane

Coming back to the South Island of New Zealand was a real trip down memory lane for John and I. Ten years ago we arrived here separately to explore. In Motueka, our paths crossed on the balcony of a backpacker’s, over a pasta dish I agreed to join John on a two day hike with an overnight stay in a rock shelter… and the rest is history. Playing such an important role in our lives, New Zealand had a place in our hearts ever since. Therefore, it was clear for us – right from the start of planing this big trip – to travel again to the other side of the world, but this time as husband and wife with two kids in tow. Continue reading