Oman through our kids’ eyes

Both our girls travel with a small digital camera in their bags. We decided to give them one last Christmas, because we wanted to see what they see on our travels. They were still a bit reluctant to take pictures in the UK, but really started to enjoy being little photographers in Oman. And here’s a compact selection of their photographic artwork. Continue reading

Where beauty has an address

You know the feeling. Those last fews days of a holiday when your mind prepares itself for the reality of home again. That’s how it was for us arriving in Sur. With only one difference: Our heads were not getting ready for home, but for our next destination – Sri Lanka. Nevertheless, we enjoyed three very eventful days in the Sur area: Continue reading

Honey farm and beyond

Even though it was hard leaving a place like Alila Jabal Akhdar, we were ready for some new adventures that we found on a farm between Nizwa and Sinaw. We booked Honey Farm on AirBnB, but did not really know what to expect because the description on the booking site was to say the least, minimalistic. Continue reading

From zero to five stars

Jabal Akhdar (=green mountain) consists of two plateaus. For the first couple of nights we stayed on the lower one in a reasonably priced new guesthouse which we had found on It was in reality far from new. It had the hardest beds ever, was dirty, shabby and thus overpriced. The good thing about this unattractive guesthouse was that we wanted to get out of it and explore the area even more. Continue reading

Two weeks in and around Muscat

What we noticed while staying in the Muscat area, was that it’s quite incredible how quickly the human being gets used to its surroundings. From climate to culture, arriving in Oman was a shock to the system. But within only a few days in the country, we started feeling very comfortable here. Continue reading