Kuala Lumpur and Borneo through our kids’ eyes

Due to multiple circumstances the girls have taken less pictures in Malaysia. Sometimes, the cameras were on strike (flat batteries or full memory cards). Sometimes, we were not willing to pay the camera fees for more than one camera. And sometimes, they simply didn’t feel like taking pictures. But the ones they took, turned out just great and give our trip to Malaysia a new perspective. Continue reading

Sri Lanka through our kids’ eyes

The girls were very happy that the last post with their pictures (Oman through our kids’ eyes) went down so well. No wonder that they were excited to choose a selection of their Sri Lankan pictures with daddy today. And here’s the result of it. Continue reading

Oman through our kids’ eyes

Both our girls travel with a small digital camera in their bags. We decided to give them one last Christmas, because we wanted to see what they see on our travels. They were still a bit reluctant to take pictures in the UK, but really started to enjoy being little photographers in Oman. And here’s a compact selection of their photographic artwork. Continue reading