Worldschooling: Episode 2

Just in case you were wondering: Our worldschooling adventure is still going very well, apart from a little hiccup back in Scotland when we had to clarify that even though mummy is not an official teacher, she is the boss when it comes to school work. There’s not always a choice of what you fancy doing and what not, certain things just have to be done. Continue reading

Worldschooling: Episode 1

Settling on the Isle of Man for three weeks, also meant the start of a new challenge for all of us: Worldschooling. While we are traveling, our girls Sophie (8) and Lilly (6) will miss their first and third year in Swiss primary school. So we had asked our local school for permission to homeschool and gladly, the school supported our idea in a positive manner and our request was accepted. If we’ll manage to hit the set targets, it will be possible for the girls to continue school with their “old” class mates on our return to Switzerland next summer. Which is most probably the biggest incentive for our little students to work hard and do well. Continue reading