The Entrance Hall

Entrance Room_with notes.jpg
Entrance room of my blueberry house.
Easter Decoration_daylight
Easter decoration in the entrance hall.

The first room you will find yourself in when entering our home is the entrance room. By definition “the point at which a visitor perceives and interacts with the experience of a specific environment” or “a small room next to the outer door and connecting it with the interior of the building”. For us, the entrance room is much more than that. It is the place where… 

  • we do hellos and goodbyes
  • muddy boots come off
  • you access the garages from
  • warm winter-coats get put on
  • we cool down in summer (because it stays nice and chilly in here even when temperatures rise over 30°C)
  • the kids love to hide when playing hide and seek
  • all sorts of things which actually belong in the garage are left (bikes, scooters, prams, balls…)
  • it can get very messy (quite often the case!) because …
  • we dump our shoes, jackets, gloves, ski helmets, umbrellas and scarves.

And mainly, the entrance room is the place that tells us that we are home.

A major element in this room are our “self-designed” cement tiles. We literally ordered them without seeing them in real. On the producer’s website we combined all sorts of motifs and different colours (it definitely helped to see at least the colours in real in a tile shop) with the help of a simulator. Until we were happy enough to order the tiles. The whole process was a little bit of a risk, but it gladly paid off. The tiles give the entrance room the homely feel we wanted to achieve and add some character to the newly built house.

I must admit that the tiles are not the easiest to keep clean. If you haven’t got a damp cloth ready constantly, they mark very easily. But to be honest with you that does not matter to us (anymore) because you don’t really notice the marks and they add even more character. Still, to protect the part right next to the main door which gets the dirtiest, we laid down a transparent mat.

9W4B8436 copy
“Self-designed” cement tiles in blue, grey and off-white.

Another element that we would not miss for the world is the indoor window. It gives you a clear sense of direction. When you are entering the house, you can see straight away where you are heading to – upstairs. On the other hand, you already see what is happening downstairs or who is at the door when coming down the stairs. Plus, it brings natural light into the staircase that leads to the living space on the 1st and 2nd floors of the building.

Picture taken through the indoor window: The kids getting the Christmas tree ready (2013).

There is still one corner in the entrance area that you have not seen yet. It’s the corner where we try hard to keep jackets, shoes & Co. organised. That’s a topic for some other time. Especially, because that corner is not 100% there yet. We are working on a better storage system that looks as tidy as possible. As soon as the solution will be found, we will share it with you.