The Inner Courtyard

I think it’s fair to say that our inner courtyard is the core of #myblueberryhouse. We are still so greatful to our architects Andrea & Taro from Atelier Nido that they widened our horizons and made us have our requested gallery in the middle of the house. With a inclined rooflight. Which was probably they mostly discussed point while planning the house, but we gladly admit here and now that we love, love, love it!

That’s how the gallery looked about two years ago…

Bookshelf and ladder leading up to the attic. Have a look at the latest pictures to see how we transformed that corner of the gallery. Photo credit: Filippo Piantanida
Photo credit: Filippo Piantanida
A glimpse of the inclined rooflight. Photo credit: Filippo Piantanida


… and that’s how the gallery looked today (16th February 2016). Can you spot the difference?

… with hidden stairs – leading to the attic – behind it.
Reading corner
Underneath the bookshelf the girls got their own space to cuddle up and read a book.
Hidden stairs behind the bookshelf, leading up to the attic.

And underneath the main staircase, there is another hiding spot for the girls.

Lilly climbing out of her little cave underneath the staircase in the inner courtyard.