The Jass Corner

Another speciality of #myblueberryhouse is our Jass Corner. If you are not Swiss you most probably have no idea what I am talking about. Well, “Jassen” is the most popular card game in Switzerland. And I was born into a “Jass”-family. So John kind of had no choice but to learn how to “Jassen” when he moved to Switzerland. The result: He’s a much keener “Jasser” than me. So keen that we put a “Jass” corner onto our floor plan which amused almost every single builder who helped us finishing the house.

Our “Jass” Corner is not just perfect to play a “Jass” in, but also to turn it into a cosy corner and relax.
folded table_soft daylight
To make the most of the space and to get the biggest table possible, we constructed this folding table. Hand-made by John.
I love the structures of that table.
shelflife_soft daylight v2
Couldn’t resist these “bottles” in my favourite flower shop. Now they decorate the shelf in our Jass Corner with some magazines and notebooks.