Tent still life

Now, that our over twenty-year-old family tent is packed up for good (thank you, Dave, for looking after it while we are gone) and we are getting ready for our first flight to Oman, we’d love to share some insights to our tent life with you. Continue reading

Short and sweet

Sometimes it is perfect that things don’t work out as planned. When heading up north to the Lake District National Park, we were hoping to stay in a comfy, fancy room for two nights. We were even prepared to ignore our daily budget for once but our wishes were not heard. Even though the summer holidays were over, “the Lakes” still seemed to be the busiest place on earth. Not one single room available! Continue reading

Our home away from home

The last three weeks of our trip (22nd August until 15 September 2017), we spent on the beautiful Isle of Man in the Irish Sea, John’s homeland and our home away from home. Seen that we had been here before for several times, we settled quickly and did not loose any time to go and explore the island all over again. Continue reading

Worldschooling: Episode 1

Settling on the Isle of Man for three weeks, also meant the start of a new challenge for all of us: Worldschooling. While we are traveling, our girls Sophie (8) and Lilly (6) will miss their first and third year in Swiss primary school. So we had asked our local school for permission to homeschool and gladly, the school supported our idea in a positive manner and our request was accepted. If we’ll manage to hit the set targets, it will be possible for the girls to continue school with their “old” class mates on our return to Switzerland next summer. Which is most probably the biggest incentive for our little students to work hard and do well. Continue reading

Stop-over in Liverpool

In order not to miss our ferry from Liverpool to the Isle of Man on the 22nd of August 2017, we made sure that we arrived in the city early enough. And that’s how we spent our 24 hours in the hometown of the Beatles. Continue reading

Three days in the Brecon Beacons

After leaving Noongallas Farm and the South of Cornwall, we were hitting the road for a few hours to move up north in a good pace. We knew that it would be too ambitious to reach Wales in just one day, so we randomly last-minute-booked an overnight stay in Cheddar, Somerset, which turned out to offer a lot more than just a bed. Cheddar is the home of Cheddar Gorge, apparently the deepest gorge in the whole UK. A landmark worth exploring. And that’s exactly what we did. Continue reading

Our time in Cornwall

On Friday, the 11th of August 2017, we packed all our stuff and left Lulworth direction Cornwall. You may wonder why we put Cornwall onto the list for our year-long trip. Well, I have to admit, that this is my doing. Cornwall was on my traveling bucket list for a while. So I thought that it would be a perfect opportunity to go and visit now. Let’s go to Cornwall then. Continue reading

We’re off!

After talking about our big trip for over a year, a cleaning and packing marathon, handing over our house (an emotional and freeing moment at the same time), lots of goodbye get-togethers with family and friends (we were overwhelmed by all the signs of friendship and by all the positive thoughts towards our family adventure) and a lovely breakfast at the best grandmothers’ ever, we finally set off on the 2nd of August 2017. Not by plane, but in our own car. We literally drove off as if we were out for the day or driving to the supermarket… with one big difference: not being back for at least 365 days. Continue reading

First Good-Byes

Time flies. If we counted right, we will be gone in 82 days. And you know what? Even though that means the next weeks are going to be super busy, we are glad about the time melting away. We have been talking about our big adventure for almost a year now. It’s high time to make it happen. Continue reading