The Girls’ Workspace

Here’s an insight into our girls’ workspace – where a lot of creative action takes place!office_soft daylight_portraitThe girls’ little “office” is quite a narrow room with a door on each end. The idea is that when the girls are older and won’t share rooms anymore, they will have a room on each side of the office and can use this room as a joint workspace. Because the room is quite narrow, we had to figure out a clever design to make the most of it. And here’s our solution that works very well: One long desk with plenty of workspace and storage space for both girls. The drawers and chairs are from IKEA. The worktop is a DIY project – two big sheets of wood cut into shape and painted white. On each side the worktop has got rounded, inverted corners that allow us to open and close the doors without any problems. The plastic mats to protect the carpet, we also got from IKEA. The cute pink lamps we found on sale – a bargain! The wooden letters as well as the pin-boards were customised, designed and made in #myblueberryhouse’s workshop;-) And the window you can see is not a window to the outside world, no, it is a window with view into our inner courtyard. Opposite the visible window there’s another window that brings in lots of light from the outside.